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Take me Back To The River Again

Today we released a demo version of a song for an album not in the present future. Working name on that album is But The Show Will Go On. The Continue Reading →

Walk Down The Border


Our work on getting our album finished is getting closer.
At the moment there are vocals required for one song and the finishing mix on a couple of other songs. But for today we’ve finished this song and we would like to share it with you to dazzle you with our diversity. 😉
The song was written in one of these bad moods you get into once in a while, so the guitar riff was created under the influence of a little bit of anger. But to me it works out just fine.
The lyric took some time to write so a bit of the anger had turned into annoyance.

Anyway, here you have it. “Walk Down The Border”!

After The Curtains Fall

Album cover