Yesterday Emmlin was in the studio and recorded the voice for You Are The Flower.
Today the work starts on the final mix and the we will do the mastering.
After the success of our music on Number1music we really feel that it’s time to go ahead and keep the fire burning. (See image below)
Now when at last we have determined what songs to include in our first album and what the album is going to be named, we are in the process of mixing and mastering all of the songs that is going to be included.
In the mean time we have also started to record songs for the follow up album and a few of the songs have already been chosen.
So if you’re an Obsidian Blue fan you will have some news to catch up on in the future.
We do hope that you still like the things that we do, that you listen and share.
In the mean time we thank you for your patience as we’ve been taking quite some time to get ready for an album.
Lots of love from Tobbe and Emmlin

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