Fans and the Marketing?

Now when we’ve gone live with our first song, She’s Crying, there are a couple of things that’s been running through my mind.

When you get feed back like this from fans, you know that what you’re doing is really worth the effort and that this make’s you wanna put even more effort in making music.

Hi I can listen to your songs over and over again, I hope never lose that marvel of listening! See you on the billboard top 100 charts! …
Hello, Iā€™m not a fan of your genre but your song KEEP ON WORKING caught my attention while I was browsing playlists on here. How do I buy your album on here?! Peace.
Hi! I’m in japan and played your music here, people really like what you do. Good luck in your future endeavours!
I have just a few favourite artists here on n1m and you are one of them! I feel so honored by sharing your music and i love this feeling to be helpful for you in any positive way!!!!
And Dale again:
hey your music helps me standing a hard time at the moment! thank you for it..
These we’re just a few.

But the effort to make music gives less time for your own feedback to your fans and to the marketing that you ought to deal with, that’s two reallly important parts of getting your music out live that you have to consider.
On the other hand if you don’t make music, then you have no reason to deal with fans and marketing in the first place, so who cares.

I live for my music and  that is what I will do. So I hope that the fans will understand and that the marketing will solve itself, which I am sure it will do. šŸ˜€

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