The past few days we’ve received a lot of mail from people expression their feeling about the music we do and I can tell you it is a real privilege to write music when you get the feedback that we have received as of lately.

The one that made the greatest impression was from a man telling us that he’s been on antidepressants for quite some time, but when he hears our music he feels joy, he feels so happy that he goes out in the street and sings a long with our music in his head phones. He doesn’t care about what people think, he is just so content with listening to what we have done so he just go on and listens and sings out loud, and he is just feeling alright.

When you get feed back like that you really feel that what you do matters and you just have to continue doing just what you do.

To all the people out there enjoying music, I just want to say this. The music I write is music that comes not only from my heart, it comes from the music itself. An idea can grow by itself if you just let it. Just use your own imagination and let the music that surrounds us all invade your soul, soon you will find yourself in contact with that great flow of music encompassing the very lives that we live. Music, according to my belief, is the foundation of the universe and we all have the ability to tune in, that is what we all are doing.
So don’t just sit there and wait for it to enter your life, invite it through yourself, open up that world of harmony and let it embrace you to a world full of hope, wishes, dreams and possibilities. Let the music be you and may you be the music that flows in other peoples lives.

Life is love and love is, at it’s very best, expressed through music and physical inter action. When you are one with music, then you can feel the unity that only music can bring to those willing to let it’s harmony encompass you.

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