Take me Back To The River Again

Today we released a demo version of a song for an album not in the present future. Working name on that album is But The Show Will Go On. The Continue Reading →

Walk Down The Border


Our work on getting our album finished is getting closer.
At the moment there are vocals required for one song and the finishing mix on a couple of other songs. But for today we’ve finished this song and we would like to share it with you to dazzle you with our diversity. 😉
The song was written in one of these bad moods you get into once in a while, so the guitar riff was created under the influence of a little bit of anger. But to me it works out just fine.
The lyric took some time to write so a bit of the anger had turned into annoyance.

Anyway, here you have it. “Walk Down The Border”!

After The Curtains Fall

Album cover

Work continues


Even if it might be slow, work on this page for Obsidian Blue continues.
Today we added a music page where you will be able to listen to the music of Obsidian Blue.
If you haven’t noticed there is a page for lyrics, but I’m still waiting for Tobbe to send me some of those.
Presentations are still lacking but we will work on that as well.
For now you can enjoy the most important stuff though, the music!
Have a great day and enjoy!

Emmlin and Tobbe down by the pier of dreams

Emmlin and Tobbe down by the pier of dreams