I’m the musician in Obsidian Blue. I’ve played the guitar since I was 10 years old and I’ve been playing keyboards since I was 15, the piano since the age of 18. After that I learned to play the saxophone, an instrument I haven’t been playing since I was 25 so that is one of the things I’d like to pick up on again.

What I like the most to do with music is to write, arrange, record and produce. So that is what I do. Most of the music starts with a piece of a melody that finds it’s own way to completion. Sometimes I get a lyric from someone, if that lyric speaks to me it becomes a song otherwise it doesn’t.
I am also currently the one responsible for mixing and mastering, but I hope that in the future someone else will be responsible for this as it’s taking too much time from creating music.


I’m the singer of Obsidian Blue. For me, singing is about showing feelings. To tell and touch other people with a story. I do not strive for perfection, on the other hand, I want to be true in my expression. I’m influenced by jazz, soul, hip hop and classical folk audiences. My voice can not be placed in a particular box, I’m not bound to a genre but to my inner truth.